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Hi, I'm Željko Popivoda, also known as ZPop, proud Member of Ubuntu LoCo Team of Serbia and LUGoNS. Co-Founder of Linux AIO.

Above all father, husband, Orthodox Serb, Partizan and "Njegoš" fan, volunteer, blogger and FOSS enthusiast, advocate and contributor. I produce homemade rakija (homebrewed brandy-like spirit) made from fruits and grapes named Popirakija. I live in Lovćenac, Serbia.

The first time I've used GNU/Linux was in 2005. I use GNU/Linux on everyday basis since 2011. Currently, I use Ubuntu.

If you like you can: contact me, read my blog, see my activities and works, donate me gigabytes, visit my sites and follow me on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube. ;-)


My favorite GNU/Linux distros are Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint. My favorite desktop environments are LXDE/LXQt, Xfce and MATE. So, I use distros based on Debian, Ubuntu and/or Linux Mint with LXDE/LXQt, Xfce and/or MATE desktop environments. If you prefer LXDE then should try Lubuntu, LXLE, MiniNo, SparkyLinux. If you prefer Xfce then should try Xubuntu, BackBox, Linux Mint Xfce, SolydX. If you prefer MATE then should try Ubuntu MATE, Linux Mint MATE. My favorites are:


LXLE is designed to be a drop-in and go OS, primarily for aging computers. Based on Ubuntu with LXDE. For more info visit Website, DistroWatch.



GALPon MiniNo Artabros is a GNU/Linux distribution made for reusing old computers. Based on Debian with LXDE. For more info visit Website, DistroWatch.

Get MiniNo

But, if you don't have to think about system requirements then should try Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint Cinnamon.

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Feel free to contact me.

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